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Library Hours
Monday9:00 AM9:00 PM
Tuesday9:00 AM9:00 PM
Wednesday9:00 AM9:00 PM
Thursday9:00 AM9:00 PM
Friday9:00 AM9:00 PM
Saturday9:00 AM6:00 PM
Library Closed Dates and Times
DateOpensClosesReason [Day]
11/27/2003Thanksgiving Day
11/28/2003Thanksgiving Holiday
12/24/2003Christmas Eve
12/25/2003Christmas Day
12/26/2003Christmas Holiday
12/27/2003Christmas Holiday
12/31/20039:30 AM6:00 PMNew Year's Eve (early close)
01/01/2004New Year's Day
02/16/2004Presidents' Day
05/31/2004Memorial Day
07/03/2004Independence Holiday
07/05/2004Independence Holiday
07/23/2004Pioneer Holiday
07/24/2004Pioneer Day
09/06/2004Labor Day
10/11/2004Columbus Day
11/25/2004Thanksgiving Day
11/26/2004Thanksgiving Holiday
12/24/2004Christmas Eve
12/25/2004Christmas Day
12/27/2004Christmas Holiday
12/31/2004New Year's Eve
01/01/2005New Year's Day
02/21/2005Presidents' Day
05/30/2005Memorial Day
07/04/2005Independence Day
07/25/2005Pioneer Holiday
09/05/2005Labor Day
10/10/2005Columbus Day
11/24/2005Thanksgiving Day
11/25/2005Thanksgiving Holiday
12/23/2005Christmas Holiday
12/24/2005Christmas Eve
12/26/2005Christmas Holiday
01/02/2006New Year's Holiday
02/20/2006Presidents' Day
05/29/2006Memorial Day
07/04/2006Independence Day
07/24/2006Pioneer Day
09/04/2006Labor Day
10/09/2006Columbus Day
11/23/2006Thanksgiving Day
11/24/2006Thanksgiving Holiday
12/23/2006Christmas Holiday
12/25/2006Christmas Day
12/26/2006Christmas Holiday
01/01/2007New Year's Day
02/12/2007library remodel moving day
02/19/2007Presidents' Day
05/28/2007Memorial Day
07/04/2007Independence Day
07/24/2007Pioneer Day
09/03/2007Labor Day
10/08/2007Columbus Day
11/22/2007Thanksgiving Day
11/23/2007Thanksgiving Holiday
12/24/2007Christmas Eve
12/25/2007Christmas Day
12/31/20079:30 AM6:00 PMNew Year's Eve (early close)
01/01/2008New Year's Day
01/21/2008Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
02/18/2008Presidents' Day
05/26/2008Memorial Day
07/04/2008Independence Day
07/24/2008Pioneer Day
09/01/2008Labor Day
11/27/2008Thanksgiving Day
11/28/2008Thanksgiving Holiday
12/24/2008Christmas Eve
12/25/2008Christmas Day
12/26/2008Christmas Holiday
12/27/2008Christmas Holiday
12/31/20089:00 AM6:00 PMNew Year's Eve (early close)
01/01/2009New Year's Day
01/19/2009Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
02/16/2009Presidents' Day
05/25/2009Memorial Day
07/03/2009Independence Holiday
07/04/2009Independence Day
07/24/2009Pioneer Day
09/07/2009Labor Day
11/26/2009Thanksgiving Day
11/27/2009Thanksgiving Holiday
12/24/2009Christmas Eve
12/25/2009Christmas Day
12/26/2009Christmas Holiday
12/31/20099:00 AM6:00 PMNew Year's Eve (early close)
01/01/2010New Year's Day [Friday]
01/18/2010Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day [Monday]
02/15/2010Presidents' Day [Monday]
05/31/2010Memorial Day [Monday]
07/05/2010Independence Holiday [Monday]
07/23/2010Pioneer Holiday [Friday]
07/24/2010Pioneer Day [Saturday]
09/06/2010Labor Day [Monday]
09/16/2010Maintenance [Thursday]
11/25/2010Thanksgiving Day [Thursday]
11/26/2010Thanksgiving Holiday [Friday]
12/23/2010Christmas Holiday [Thursday]
12/24/2010Christmas Eve [Friday]
12/25/2010Christmas Day [Saturday]
12/27/2010Christmas Holiday [Monday]
12/31/2010New Year's Eve [Friday]
01/01/2011New Year's Day [Saturday]
01/17/2011Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day [Monday]
02/21/2011Presidents' Day [Monday]
05/30/2011Memorial Day [Monday]
07/04/2011Independence Day [Monday]
07/25/2011Pioneer Holiday [Monday]
09/05/2011Labor Day [Monday]
09/22/2011Maintenance [Thursday]
11/24/2011Thanksgiving Day [Thursday]
11/25/2011Thanksgiving Holiday [Friday]
12/23/2011Christmas Holiday [Friday]
12/24/2011Christmas Eve [Saturday]
12/26/2011Christmas Holiday [Monday]
12/27/2011Christmas Holiday [Tuesday]
01/02/2012New Year's Holiday [Monday]
01/16/2012Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day [Monday]
02/20/2012Presidents' Day [Monday]
05/28/2012Memorial Day [Monday]
07/04/2012Independence Day [Wednesday]
07/24/2012Pioneer Day [Tuesday]
09/03/2012Labor Day [Monday]
09/20/2012Maintenance [Thursday]
11/22/2012Thanksgiving Day [Thursday]
11/23/2012Thanksgiving Holiday [Friday]
12/22/2012Christmas Holiday [Saturday]
12/24/2012Christmas Eve [Monday]
12/25/2012Christmas Day [Tuesday]
12/31/2012New Year's Eve [Monday]
01/01/2013New Year's Day [Tuesday]
01/21/2013Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day [Monday]
02/18/2013Presidents' Day [Monday]
05/27/2013Memorial Day [Monday]
07/04/2013Independence Day [Thursday]
07/24/2013Pioneer Day [Wednesday]
09/02/2013Labor Day [Monday]
09/26/2013Maintenance [Thursday]
10/31/20139:00 AM6:00 PMHalloween (early close) [Thursday]
11/28/2013Thanksgiving Day [Thursday]
11/29/2013Thanksgiving Holiday [Friday]
12/24/2013Christmas Eve [Tuesday]
12/25/2013Christmas Day [Wednesday]
12/26/2013Christmas Holiday [Thursday]
12/31/20139:00 AM6:00 PMNew Year's Eve (early close) [Tuesday]
01/01/2014New Year's Day [Wednesday]
01/13/2014Maintenance [Monday]
01/14/2014Maintenance [Tuesday]
01/15/2014Maintenance [Wednesday]
01/16/2014Maintenance [Thursday]
01/17/2014Maintenance [Friday]
01/18/2014Maintenance [Saturday]
01/20/2014Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day [Monday]
02/17/2014Presidents' Day [Monday]
05/26/2014Memorial Day [Monday]
07/04/2014Independence Day [Friday]
07/24/2014Pioneer Day [Thursday]
09/01/2014Labor Day [Monday]
09/25/2014Maintenance [Thursday]
10/31/20149:00 AM6:00 PMHalloween (early close) [Friday]
11/27/2014Thanksgiving Day [Thursday]
11/28/2014Thanksgiving Holiday [Friday]
12/24/2014Christmas Eve [Wednesday]
12/25/2014Christmas Day [Thursday]
12/26/2014Christmas Holiday [Friday]
12/31/20149:00 AM6:00 PMNew Year's Eve (early close) [Wednesday]
01/01/2015New Year's Day [Thursday]
01/19/2015Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day [Monday]
02/09/2015Maintenance [Monday]
02/10/2015Maintenance [Tuesday]
02/11/2015Maintenance [Wednesday]
02/12/2015Maintenance [Thursday]
02/13/2015Maintenance [Friday]
02/14/2015Maintenance [Saturday]
02/16/2015Presidents' Day [Monday]
05/25/2015Memorial Day [Monday]
07/03/2015Independence Holiday [Friday]
07/04/2015Independence Day [Saturday]
07/24/2015Pioneer Day [Friday]
09/07/2015Labor Day [Monday]
09/10/2015United Way Day of Caring [Thursday]
11/26/2015Thanksgiving Day [Thursday]
11/27/2015Thanksgiving Holiday [Friday]
11/30/2015System Upgrade [Monday]
12/24/2015Christmas Eve [Thursday]
12/25/2015Christmas Day [Friday]
12/26/2015Christmas Holiday [Saturday]
12/31/2015New Years Eve Day [Thursday]
01/01/2016New Year's Day [Friday]
01/18/2016Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day [Monday]
02/15/2016Presidents' Day [Monday]
02/16/2016Library Maintenance
02/17/2016Library Maintenance
02/18/2016Library Maintenance
02/19/2016Library Maintenance
02/20/2016Library Maintenance
05/30/2016Memorial Day [Monday]
07/04/2016Independence Day [Monday]
07/25/2016Pioneer Day Holiday [Monday]
09/05/2016Labor Day [Monday]
11/24/2016Thanksgiving Day [Thursday]
11/25/2016Thanksgiving Holiday [Friday]
12/23/2016Christmas Break [Thursday]
12/24/2016Christmas Eve [Saturday]
12/26/2016Christmas Holiday [Monday]
12/31/2016Christmas Holiday
01/02/2017New Year's
01/16/2017Martin Luther King
02/20/2017Presidents Day
05/05/2017Carpet Cleaning
05/06/2017Carpet Cleaning
05/29/2017Memorial Day
07/04/2017Independence Day
07/24/2017Pioneer Day
09/04/2017Labor Day
12/24/2017Christmas Eve
01/01/2018New Year's Day
01/15/2018Martin Luther King Day
02/19/2018President's Day
05/18/2018Carpet Cleaning
05/19/2018Carpet Cleaning
05/28/2018Memorial Day
07/04/2018Independence Day
07/24/2018Pioneer Day
08/16/2018City Maintenance
09/03/2018Labor Day
11/23/2018Thanksgiving Holiday
12/25/2018Christmas Day

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